The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 9

Flight through Fog

Last week in The Travels of the Knights of Light.

Our heroes, forced into hiding by the terrible Burgermeister of Vallaki take refuge in the local inn’s stable. After the fateful meeting with the Lady Watcher, the party returns to said stable weary and bedraggled. They draw straws for the watch, and turn in for the evening. As the mists grow deeper, the group become agitated and afeared, and it becomes apparent that something is not right. Dawn is a ways off when the group set out for the local church where their ward the young Maiden Ireena is staying. Having asked her to stay there, the group has become worried that something may have befalled her, and the foul weather makes their fears grow ever wilder.

At the church, they discover that the maiden had been kidnapped by the local Baron. Though the kidnapping is carried out in quieter, more insidious ways than a simple snatch and grab. When the group is separated and some of them are found on the roof, it becomes clear that Ireena is in grave danger. Purple flashes from the mansion tip off our brave heroes, and they make ready to rescue her. An yet, a queer obstacle stands in their way. The mists of Barovia themselves seem to be alive and hungry, and begin to attack our brave adventurers. The trip to the mansion goes from simp0le to perilous, and our heroes witness some true horrors in the white depths of the Mist.

An yet, they prevail. Fleeing for their lives. Dodging the foulness of the world itself, they eventually arrive. With dawn still many hours off, the party decide to quietly infiltrate the mansion and abscond with the maiden without alerting the townsfolk. To that end, one of their party heads off to create a diversion. His goal is to set a few fires, but it goes horribly wrong and soon the whole town is afire. Meanwhile, in the mansion itself one of their members is struck down by a strange trap. Though the whole affair is relatively quiet, it leaves the remaining members with a quandary. An one they must make quick work of no less, as their time is running out.

As one of the members continues with the plan and begins trying to extract Ireena, the other makes some quick desperate decisions. He stands stuck with the prospect of carrying both Ireena, his companion and his equipment. Quickly, he decides that Ireena needs help. Shes the reason they are all in this mess to begin with and it would be madness to leave without her. As such, he quickly hides his fellow along with his equipment in the attic of the mansion. The place seems relatively unfrequented, and with the commotion outside and the soon to be rescuing of Ireena, he figures there’s more than enough on the villains plate that they will likely ignore their dwelling for the immediate future. He just hopes his friend awakes before anyone is overly curious. With that, he makes an effort to cover up his interloping and contrives to enter the mansion from a different place. In so doing he and his companion manage to subdue the Baron of Vallaki and abscond with their ward into the woods. In the process they meet up with their other fellow, and see the full cost of their distraction. An yet, all they can do is remember that they saved Ireena from Madness and pray that their friend lives to see them again.



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