Rose and Thorn Durst


Rosavalda “Rose” Durst is 10 years old, but she is tall for her age. Her black hair shines in the misty moonlight. Her favourite colour is red, but the only red thing the is allowed to wear is the family cape. Because of that, she never takes it off unless she has to. She always tries to be strong for her brother.

Thornboldt “Thorn” Durst is only 7 years old, and he does not have the courage his sister puts up for him. He is always holding his stuffed ghoul, but the toy’s eyes went missing a few weeks ago and nobody’s been able to find them. Thorn is very afraid of strangers.


Rose and Thorn are facing a tough time. There is a monster in the basement of their house, and their parents are inside. Rose and Thorn were lucky to get out, but they need help – otherwise they will be orphaned and pulled away from their family home. They are both terribly afraid of those howls they hear throughout the night.

As it turns out, Rose and Thorn are dead. Their decomposing bodies were found in their attic bedroom, and their disembodied spirits were also found accompanying these corpses. When the Aster Knights tried to leave, Rose possessed Aldryn and Thorn possessed Solheil/Monka

Rose and Thorn Durst

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