Character Generation

Before creating a character for this campaign, it is recommended that players check out the possible PC portraits in the Media Library section of this site, and select one that they like.



  • Characters are made using the Elite Array system for ability distribution. Feat Human variants are accepted.
  • Characters must be of Good alignment and must worship Lathander.
  • Dragonborn are prohibited.
  • It is recommended though not essential that you play a Human, as most Barovians are comfortable with Humans.
  • Characters come from Faerûn; as such they can take class features/variants from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
  • Characters may also take the Unearthed Arcana Monster Hunter Fighter variant or the Inquisitive Rogue variant, as found here.
  • Characters may take the ‘Haunted’ background, subject to GM approval, as found here.
  • Restrictions are placed on Clerics; as they must worship Lathander, they must take the Light domain.
  • Restrictions are placed on Paladins; as they must worship Lathander, they must have the following Oath of Lathander. Mechanically, this may take the form of the Oath of the Ancients or the Oath of Devotion, but the creed is as follows:

Prepare for Spring. Bring dawn to those caught in the night. Draw beauty, love, and laughter to the world where it is needed most, and stand against the evil that would extringuish the light. Never lose hope.
Observe the Dawn. Be present to witness the dawn each day. Be present to watch the light bloom in people. Do not leave people when they need you the most – it is always the darkest before dawn. Cherish that which is beautiful and Good.
Embrace the Sun. Act with mercy, kindness, and forgiveness. Act with honour and integrity. Stand for all the dawn signifies.
Illuminate the Night. Eliminate the Evil that lurks within the dark so that the creatures of the Dawn may live in the light. Let courage and hope shine in every deed

Character Generation

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