House Rules



You must expend a use of a healer’s kit to restore hit points from hit dice during a short rest, or to replenish hit dice/restore all hp during a long rest. If you don’t expend a healer’s kit use during a long rest, you may restore only 1 hp and no hit dice.



Each character has a piety level, ranked out of 20. Priests and paladins may start with a piety of up to 15; other characters may start with a maximum of 10. For every 5 piety your character earns, they receive a blessing from Lathander.
If a priest’s piety ever drops to 0, Lathander will no longer grant them spells. Their alignment will also shift to Neutral. A piety greater than 5 is required to restore faith in Lathander and return the character to Good alignment.
Lathander’s dogma is as follows. When you act in accordance with the dogma, your piety may increase. When you act against this dogma or fail to act with this dogma, your piety will decrease.

Always aid, foster hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all races. Wherever you go, perfect yourself and strive to plant seeds of hope. Watch each sunrise. Avoid negativity, for from death comes life and the sun shall rise each morning anew.

Players may also earn piety for their characters by writing their journal in the adventure log in OP. If the journal is hopeful and positive, the PC gains 1 piety.



When your piety drops, you witness a horror, or you take psychic damage, your psyche may be damaged. If you fail the appropriate save (WIS or CHA), you will receive a level of madness.

  • Level 1 – Temporary Madness (lasts a minute or so)
  • Level 2 – Longer Madness (lasts a few hours)
  • Level 3 – Indefinite Madness (lasts permanently)

If you gain more madness after level 3, you ‘start again’ at level 1, adding more and more madnesses to your sheet.



The Mists are depressing, the Dark Powers ominous. There is no inspiration in this game.


Instead of experience points, one ‘tick’ is awarded every time the PC is involved in resolving a significant plot, defeating a significant enemy, or finding an artefact. When a second ‘tick’ is awarded, all ‘ticks’ are removed and the character gains a level.

House Rules

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