Lathander is the god of Spring, the Sun and the Dawn. Every sun rise is his holy time, and priests will pray for his salvation at dawn. Lathander is also the god of optimism and spring. Poor thinking is looked down upon in the clergy, with the belief that thinking things will go wrong is more likely to make them go wrong. Some of Lathander’s maxims include:
“From dawn, life”
“There is always another dawn”
“In the dawn, beauty reigns, and the way is clearer”

Lathander’s dogma can be summarized in the following paragraph:

Always aid, foster hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all races. Wherever you go, perfect yourself and strive to plant seeds of hope. Watch each sunrise. Avoid negativity, for from death comes life and the sun shall rise each morning anew.

Additionally, Lathander has four main tenants that worshippers would do well to heed:

Prepare for Spring. Bring dawn to those caught in the night. Draw beauty, love, and laughter to the world where it is needed most, and stand against the evil that would extringuish the light. Never lose hope.
Observe the Dawn. Be present to witness the dawn each day. Be present to watch the light bloom in people. Do not leave people when they need you the most – it is always the darkest before dawn. Cherish that which is beautiful and Good.
Embrace the Sun. Act with mercy, kindness, and forgiveness. Act with honour and integrity. Stand for all the dawn signifies.
Illuminate the Night. Eliminate the Evil that lurks within the dark so that the creatures of the Dawn may live in the light. Let courage and hope shine in every deed.

Lathander has no tenants against alcohol. Indeed, if alcohol can foster hope, then it is appreciated within clerical circles. Additionally, Lathander has no tenants against procreation, though as a broken heart is anathema to the faith, the clerics typically find only one mate and stay with them for life.

Priests of Lathander will have one of two holy symbols. The first is a simple wooden disk, painted the pink of dawn. This is most commonly worn by travelling clergy. The second is a more ornate disk, made of gold and studded with rubies. It depicts a sunrise over hills. This is worn by aristocrats and high-ranking officials.


Clergy wear ‘sun robes’ during special occasions. They are long and coloured in gold, white, and pink. Paler robes are reserved for higher-ranking officials.

One of Lathander’s sects is called the Order of the Aster. This Order is composed of paladins, clerics, and other militants who fight in the name of Lathander.

Lathander’s spiritual weapon is a mace called ‘Dawnbreaker’. Clerics of Lathander must take the Light domain.


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