The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 10

Upon entering the forest our band of heroes stumbled into a man running from a large pack of wolves. This man was dressed just like a member of the church of Lathander. After a brief battle were one of the larger wolves was killed and they found out the smaller one were a possible undead magical being. Before the could leave Olo arm appeared out of no where from what seemed a miscast teleportation spell. The party discovered the man was from waterdeep and the party had been missing for 10 years. Going deeper into the forest they meet a naked boy who told them there was a safer place to sleep further down the path.

The path lead down to a house guarded by a row of screaming heads. The party gained a peaceful nights rest they meet Jeny Greenteeth. Kael traded a bunch of his hair (which everyone warned him were going to use as spell components) he learned that the Barons wife was a powerful spell caster and could rule them all if she ever used her energy.

The party then with the help of their new friend snuck back into the town and ran into the strange half elf this time dressed as Bravosi nobleman. He tells them there going to be a parade for the children and that he needs help getting his tiger out of the town. He also reviles he is a vampire hunter and he has been is hiding in this town to see if any showed up. Agreeing to cause a distraction for the heroes so they can sneak into the baron’s mansion so they c an kidnap the Baron and his wife so they can start making sense of what has happened. In the mansion the Baron himself was easily captured but the plan went sideways when the Baron’s unknown son showed up. The Son was a powerful mage is his own right and stole his father body and ran away with it. Aldrin and Solheil ran after the boy when it became apart that he had killed Olo the night before with the teleport spell going wrong While Kael and the Bard went to explore the rest of the house.



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