The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 11

Almost Star Wars

As of the last arbitrary amount of time that things happen with, half the party had discovered Olo’s fate, while the other half were chasing the Baron’s family. The family (or, the baron’s son) decided to make a stand in the town square. The situation was tense, with both sides accused of horrors, but eventually a compromise was reached. The party would be exiled from the city, but in return they would be called when the baron became healthy, so that they could have a discussion about his rule of the town.

Upon leaving the city with their vampire hunter friend, the party was beset by a band of vistani, who demanded recompense for the deal the Olo had made to get back into the city several days ago. As Olo was now dead, they demanded someone else in the party give them payment. The party refused, and a combat ensued. Several vistani were slain, but their leaders escaped, taking Kael’s ability to cast magic with them.

Not willing to part with one of their most valuable resources so easily, the party followed the vistani to their camp. At the camp they discovered that the vistani had taken the elves of the area as their servants. The elves, of course, were not particularly happy with this arrangement, and so assisted the party by informing them that one of the vistani leader’s children had gone missing. The vistani agreed that they would return Kael’s magic if the party returned the child safely.

Unable to gather any information actually useful in finding the whereabouts of the child, the party resumed their course, heading towards the vampire hunter’s castle. However, things can’t go straight for too long, for quickly the party was interrupted by a raven. Taking this as a sign, the course was changed to following the raven, and before long the lake was within sight.

The lake had a fisherman, and the fisherman had a sack. The sack had a child, and the child was the one the party was looking for. The fisherman dumped the child into the lake, in an attempt to placate whatever monsters lived within, but the party intervened, saving the child and returning to the shore just before the lake monster became unruly, killing the fisherman. The child was returned to the vistani, and magic was returned to Kael.

Finally there were no more distractions, and the party made their way to the castle. Unfortunately nothing is good in this land, and the castle was not the vampire hunter’s at all, but simply abandoned and being used as a hideout. The front door was locked, so the way in was via a rickety scaffolding to one side of the castle. Most of the party ascended without incident, but Naythe proved too heavy for it, and it collasped. Undeterred by this event, he attempted to make entry via the front door, which the vampire hunter had assured them was unopenable. It turned out that it had a simple magic lock, requiring a basic dance to be performed to open. Naythe did so, and the party was reunited inside the castle.

Then the wolves returned.



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