The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 17

After the three hags left Aldryn Smithson went through the rest of bone grinder tower with the help of Amoret found two small children that had been locked away in the tower and a interesting tree branch that seemed to bleed when cut. After getting the children out the gang set the whole tower ablaze to try and burn it down but it seemed to try and rebuild itself as it did so. After trying to destory the branch in the inferno the children said that it belonged to the man in the forest.

A quick trip into the forest they were lead to a tree that looked like it had a face in and a heartbeat coming from with in. After reattaching the branch with some healing magic a man by the name of Ryndal Wyatt feel out. Although he had been sent to find the other knights he had not been expecting them for 50 more years before he had been imprisoned in the tree by the local Blight Druids.

The gang decided they needed extra supplies if they were ever going to make it to castle Ravenloft with the strength to fight the devil Strad. So they agreed a short trip to Jenny Greenteeth was in order. Jenny agreed to give them the supplies they needed but at the price of Ryndal deepest darkness fear and the chance to stare into his eyes in silence for a time (in which he believes she cheated by doesn’t know in what way). During the whole confrontation Amoret was acting strangely even for one who was forced to face the woman who had kidnapped her as a child.

Upon leaving Jenny house the heroes found themselves the base of Barovia with Strad coach waiting for them. Given no other option they entered and were taken to Castle Ravenloft. After a quick walk into the dinning room the meet Strad who ran away before dinner and trapped the party with his huge evil domain. The party then went about exploring trying to find the room that Strad wont look into. They came across many strange things such as a room of mirrors with a mirror each prefect for a member of the order, a man wrapped in webs, a bone table that was meant to contain a holy symbol used to fight Strad. Where they go from here who knows but they in the greatest spot to fight the Devil now and end this evil once and for all.



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