The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 8

After being reunited with Kael (Kael’Thas) Galanodel and Oloneiros “Olo” Lethrift in the Stable we spent a few hours chatting about our next set of plans for helping save the town . We decided that we needed to find a replacement for the Mayor and that we should exam all other known parties in the city to find such a person. Our first port of call was the Lady Watcher as she opposed the Baron. So waiting till dark we crossed the city to her house. What we found was somewhat troubling as the house looked as if it was falling apart and wanted nothing more to do with itself. Entering the house through the back door so as not to raise alarms we were brought into the living room to meet the Lady Watcher and her pet Imp. After a brief discussion we learned she was a supporter of Strahd and not a suitable candidate for mayor. After a brief tour of the house we met her late husband who she kept in a state of recently dead. Before we were lead down into the basement a fire was discovered (lit by Aldryn Smithson) and the rest of us used it to make our escape. Once prepared we went back in to fight the evil witch and her cult. After a brief but furious battle she was defeated and the hosue cleased in Lathanders holy fire. During our flight we found a chest with a sun blade of the dawn lord. This sword will aid us in defeating Strahd and saving this poor country.



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