The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 12

This world is darker then you could ever imagine........

So as we began heading out of the tower , to bring Ireena inside and into a somewhat sheltered and ‘safe’ place to rest, we heard a howl and as we opened the door we saw a sight that chilled us to the bone there was a pack of about 16 wolves outside. Ireena was atop the gypsy wagon that we had seen outside but we knew that wouldn’t stop these things, so we prepared to fight in our weakened states, as the battle began that green fire appeared again and Solheil reappeared which was a light of hope for us, and as the wolves started moving towards us an arrow came out of a tree nearby and got one of the big ones right in the eye dropping it instantly, then Solheil unleashed his fireball spell and like in the Lady Watchers basement it showed why he was a mage to be respected and why you should never group up when confronting a mage it ripped their ranks apart and those it didn’t incinerate came out with severe burns and were easily dispatched. After a tough battle where we almost got the werewolf pack Alpha we made them withdraw and were ourselves able to grab all our stuff and get Ireena into the safety of the tower, along with another new person, a young woman who had dropped a big wolf with her first arrow, considering that we were short on allies and she seemed to at least not be hostile we invited her in.

Her name is Amoret and she is another follower of Lathander from Waterdeep who like Naythe was following these apparent wanted posters but not specifically to find us and we confirmed that the difference in time was for every day we spent in Barovia a full year passed back from where we had come. Once again finding common ground with another fellow Lathanderite we convinced her to help us save this land of Barovia from the clutch of Strahd and bring Lathander’s light to everyone here.

The following morning i prepared myself and made a pact with the short sword we had found in the haunted house the day we arrived in Barovia. I drew it and felt nothing odd, no compulsion to murder my friends and there were runes etched into its blade which Solheil was able to translate for me they apparently said it was named Wolfs-Eater and this allowed Solheil to remember a legend of a weapon with that name that was said to be particularly good at killing wolves and werewolves and that it thirsted for their blood. Thinking it to be fine i decided to do nothing about it that was until i tried to eat my rations and they tasted disgusting and didn’t satisfy me even making me throw them up after i consumed them. I cast Remove Curse on the sword but it didnt beak the curse like it should have but it told me how to break it, I had to consume the raw flesh of any living creature. I put the sword away and resolved to use it til i broke the curse because i may as well.

Saying our farewells to Van Richten we headed out to Krezk, we chose a path that accordingly would lead us to the Wizards of Wine Winery because most of our party didn’t trust the sign since alot of the previous ones had been wrong, but a short while down that path we ran into a group of ‘Rangers’ from Krezk looking for a young girl who had gone missing, they told us we weren’t going towards Krezk but were in fact heading to the Winery, we said if we found the girl or any trace of her we would endeavour to find her and bring her back safely. We turned around and eventually managed to get to the barred gates of Krezk, where we were told we weren’t allowed entry because we were enemies of Strahd and the townsfolk didn’t want any trouble but after some beseeching the Burgomeister said that if we went to the Wizards of Wine Winery and got Krezk’s wine shipment he would allow us entry as we had performed a favor for the town. We also learned that the girl had been found which was a blessing and some good news for us. So turning back around again we headed back towards the Winery, deciding instead of trying to find shelter in the middle of the night we would push on to get to the winery as quickly as possible, we encountered a Revenant it attacked us and seemed to have a fixation on Solheil we managed to dispatch it but (Insert the name of the new rogue here) said it would be back as they didn’t stop til they killed the evil they had been created to destroy and that they were ‘normally’ a good form of undead summoned by good gods to hunt evil and i faintly recalled seeing some of them in the church at Waterdeep. we pushed on and came to a camp of people near a sort of T-junction with one way leading into the forest and the other way leading to winery, after talking to the people we learned they all came from the Winery and that it had been attacked by the ‘Blight’ Druids who lived nearby and were normally more of just a nuisance and that the Druids had taken over and that was why the wine hadn’t been delivered. Not wanting to charge in blindly we asked Amoret if she would scout for us, she agreed and as we waited our prayers and thoughts with her, she disappeared into the darkness…….

This place is a horrifying and dark land but we have still found people who despite their predicament try to survive and live and we shall bring forth the Morning Lords glory and bring forth illumination to this darkness so that hope can be returned to everyone who lives in Barovia.



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