The Mists of Ravenloft

Session 18

So here we are, stuck in Strahd’s castle. After making our way through to this room of bones and smashing up the dining table, I will say I am feeling a bit uneasy. Strahd has just seemingly left us to our own devices in his castle, although I’m sure he must be watching (probably from that giant creepy dragon skull up there on the roof). Aldrin managed to catch up with the suspicious servant walking around though and both him and (Mini) got him to do some talking (through the power of magic, because otherwise I don’t think he was going to say very much for fear of Strahd knocking his block off). We managed to get some information on where to find Strahd’s weak point, but he also showed us to the kitchen, which turned out to more likely be one of many kitchens, as there was only one way in or out and all it contained was a cauldron with zombies boiling away in it. Sadly two of the peasants we met while we were down here were just too weak and fell to the zombies. But alas we had to move on; the peasants dying along the way was somewhat suspected if you ask me… It’s wonderful that they wanted to come and help take down Strahd but I even worry how we’re going to survive this place let alone some villagers with minimal (if any) weapons.

We found our way to a room with a closet, a real one and one with a hidden door. On opening the real closet a wedding dress flew out and began dancing around the room. While this may normally have been comical in ANY other setting, in Strahd’s castle it is purely unsettling. Irena began to feel uncomfortable and began crying. I am certain that this wedding dress had something to do with her past life/her old soul (or whatever the deal may be). And we really don’t want Strahd getting to Irena because I’m sure he must know how to play on all of her insecurities and her mind. I’m actually surprised at this point that he hasn’t made more of a confrontation with us. He must be up to absolutely no good.

On entering the hidden door behind the other closet in the room, we found our way into a tower. This tower had gigantic stairs and ramps winding their way up around the edge, and at the top in the ceiling was a suspended, beating heart, a massive one. We figured this must have something to do with Strahd and could be a potential weak point. Although why does it seem to be in such a bleedingly obvious place and why hasn’t he come to stop us from reaching it? The heart was definitely trying. Which each heart beat the stairs shook, the ramps would rumble, and we lost our final peasant on the way. Not only this, but the rope we used to tie ourselves together caused some difficulties… and we sadly lost our newest member of our little group (Jason) as he plumetted to the bottom of the tower. Now, we keep making our way up. I guess we’ll see what happens from here. I’m sure Strahd must be just around the corner.



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