You need directions, do you? Tell me, where do you plan to go? What do you plan to see? You are not going to be leaving Barovia for quite some time, so you had best get used to it here.


The village of Barovia is a sad place, a town where the villagers have given up the last shreds of hope. It is run by the new burgomeister, Ismark the Lesser, whose sister, Ireena Kolyanovich, has been bitten by Strahd.


A Vistani encampment is located near the bast of the Tser Falls. These ancient waterfalls once saw the destruction of a powerful wizard at the hands of Count Strahd von Zarovich. Now, they serve as a base for Madame Eva and her Vistani caravan.


The town of Vallaki is located at the heart of the valley of Barovia.


Krezk is a fortified town with a monastery. The Aster Knights intend to take Ireena Kolyana here.


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